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Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Artist- Edna Vihel Arts Center: May 2021 - Present

  • Virtual and in person teaching 

  • Wheel throwing and Handbuilding Beginner-Advanced

  • Children, Teen, and Adult Classes

  • Focus on student goals and growth in an energetic and safe environment


Guest Teaching Artist- Kyrene de los Niños Elementary School: December 2023

  • Brief history of ceramics from around the world

  • Guided creation of pinch pot “monster” projects

  • ~75 students spread across three classes

  • Education of primary art instructor on ceramic techniques and kiln operation.


Guest Teaching Artist- Kyrene Middle School: April 2023

  • Guided creation and glazing of ceramic totems

  • Brief history of ceramics and the origin of totems

  • ~50 students spread over two classes

  • Wheel throwing and hand-building demos

  • Education of primary art instructor on ceramic techniques and kiln operation.


Guest Artist- one•n•ten: January 2024

  • Two day workshop for evening LGBTQ youth program

  • Use of air dry clay and acrylic paints to make music shaker sculptures

  • Pinch pot and hollow form ceramic techniques 


Instructor and Technician- Shemer Arts Center: January 2021 - May 2022

  • Beginning and advanced wheel throwing classes

  • Loading kilns 2-3 times a week

  • Organizing studio equipment and glazes

  • Emptying and replacing clay traps as needed

  • Mixing studio glazes


Instructor- Shemer Arts Center Summer Children’s Day Camp: July 2022 

  • Four separate weeklong camps for ages 6-13

  • Focus on 2-3 projects per week covering hand building techniques and ceramic history

  • Four hour and a half classes per day covering different age ranges


Art Instructor- City of Tempe Community Art Events: September 2023-Present

  • Set up, teaching, and load out of free pop up art activities

  • Working alongside other teaching artists from multiple disciplines on short twenty minute projects that participants can take home.

  • Projects include: cyanotype, block printing, clay sculpture, etc.


Organizer- Yardt Sale (yard sale but for art): November 2023

  • Coordinated a group art sale featuring 11 artists at a personal residence spaced out between the front and backyards

  • All participants were specifically involved in art education in some capacity

  • A no cost low commitment sale to provide easy entry and experience in doing table sales

  • Profits per artist ranged from $50-500


Owner/Operator - JSA Kiln Services LLC

  • Diagnosis and repair of ceramic and glass kilns

    • Computer controlled and manual electric

    • Updraft, downdraft, raku

    • Personal, commercial, industrial

  • Brick repair/replacement

  • Element Replacement

  • Control box repair

  • Refurbishing neglected kilns for resale

  • Insured with 9+ years experience

  • Client list includes..

    • Local Businesses: Meltdown Glass, Lafayette Avenue Ceramics, Cattle Track Pottery

    • Education Facilities: Paradise Valley Community College, Tempe Unified High School District, Phoenix Unified School District, Scottsdale Unified School District, Kyrene Unified School District, 

    • Local Artists: Sandy Laurson, Jane-Kelsey Maple, Susan Biner, Kurt Weiser, Joan Barron


Facilities specialist IV (Ceramics Studio Manager)- Arizona State University: August 2022-April 2023

  • Coordinating supplies and equipment for ASU Ceramics at Tempe campus and Grant Street Studios

  • Tracking inventory, budget, and allocation of supplies between two studios

  • Bringing studios up to OSHA compliance including production of SDS documents

  • Monitoring open studio sessions

  • Coordinating with professors on needs for various classes

  • Operating school vehicles for pickups of orders and donations


Ceramics Technician- Edna Vihel Arts Center: May 2021- May 2022

  • Loading kilns 2-3 times a week

  • Firing downdraft gas kilns 1 time monthly

  • Emptying and replacing sink clay traps as needed

  • Mixing studio glazes


Studio Manager - Mesa Community College Ceramics: October 2015- October 2019

  • Load, empty, and fire electric and gas kilns four to eight times a week

  • Complete weekly budget, inventory, work order placement, and purchase orders of chemicals and equipment

  • Repair and maintain studio equipment including gas and electric kilns, wheels, slab rollers, extruders, pug mills, ball mills, and mixers

  • Coordinate open studio hours; assign assistant duties for open studio hours

  • Clean tables, sinks, and potters wheels after classes; mix glazes; mix slips

  • Formulate new glazes for class and student use

  • Work with instructors to fulfill the needs of students; help organize and facilitate student learning events; other duties as assigned

  • Keep accurate and updated Safety Data Sheets

  • Yearly waste disposal and surplusing of old equipment

  • Makerspace monitoring, maintenance, and education

    • Vinyl cutter, laser cutter, 3D printer, 3D scanner, 3d modeling software


Assistant Studio Technician - Mesa Community College Ceramics: August 2015-October 2015

  • Observe open studio hours providing safety and support for students

  • Clean tables, sinks, and potters wheels after classes; mix glazes; mix slips

  • Load and empty kilns two to three times a week

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